CHORALIFE is a music publisher established in 2013 according to the vision of its founder, Aurelio Porfiri, to make high quality music affordable and readily available to all parts of the world.

What is the business of CHORALIFE?
CHORALIFE sell scores (mainly choral scores, but not only), CDs, DVDs and books.

Where the publisher is based?
CHORALIFE was founded in Macau, China and its headquarter is there. However, a bigger part of its activities and collaborations take place all over the world.

Why CHORALIFE is special compared to other publishers?
CHORALIFE adopt an ethic approach in its pricing strategy. There is not a single fixed price, but three ranges of that. This is to make our products affordable to countries that have different purchasing power. So the price is established according to the location of the purchasing site. But even the highest prices are considerably lower than the average price of music scores in the market.

How about mailing costs?
CHORALIFE is a publisher 2.0. That means you will receive the scores electronically in PDF via internet connection. No more weeks of waiting to start practicing our scores.

What about CDs and DVDs?
For these products we still have to rely on traditional mailing services, so the costs will be calculated according to which country the product(s) has to be sent. But in the future we are planning to sell also our audio products digitally.

Why is there a fixed number of 15 when I purchase a score?
Indeed you should buy the scores according the number of your choir members. If you have a choir of 40, you are supposed to buy 40 copies. Basically you are acquiring from us a licence to use 40 copies of our scores. We estimate that 15 is a reasonable minimum number of choir members. Please also consider that offering considerably low prices, we also need to plan for our financial stability so to cover our expenses on production and personnel.

Can I buy products wherever in the world I am living?
Yes, through our website you can buy and practice them on the same day!

Can I submit score for publication in CHORALIFE editions?
Yes, we welcome contributions. Please contact…

What is the payment method used?
We recommend PayPal, which is accessible from all parts of the world.